There’s been a lot of talk lately about disruption. I wrote a post about “Disrupting Yourself” a few months back. Industries such as publishing/journalism, music, etc. have been forced to change the way they do business because of increasing competition out of the tech sector that is making their business model obsolete. The education sector is no different. Lately, I have been taking classes from the following sites: Coursera, EdX, and Udacity. All three sites offer free, online classes from world renowned and top-tier schools like Harvard, Stanford, University of Michigan , Princeton, etc. Coursera, by far, offers the most diverse array of possible courses to take. EdX and Udacity are very heavily concentrated in math, science and computer science/coding.  In my spare time, I’ve been taking a number of free classes online. Mostly in math and computer science, but also in other areas such as health, psychology, and history. The sites are great. At this junction, Coursera is my favorite because of the diversity of subject matter to choose from and the ease of navigating the site. For a couple of years now, I’ve made the decision to learn a new skill each year. French was last year and I’ve carried it over into this year. Learning to code is on my list for this year as well.  How are you productive? How do you use your spare time, if you have any?


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