The name of this blog is taken from Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved. The fourteen year old character Patsy is better known as The Thirty Mile Woman.  Though the overarching slave system affords her no value, her name resembles her worth, something that cannot be acknowledged within this system. The Thirty Mile Woman is powerful and is the possibility of something much greater and transformative.  Her age, race, and gender inform rather than undermine this power that eventually transforms her into legend.

The idea behind this blog is simple: to combine my personal experiences and ideas about life, career, and culture with lessons that I have learned along the way. This blog is a chart of how I moved from being stuck to unstuck. I may include the occasional recipe, shopping splurge, or good read, any number of things that can brighten up an otherwise stressful or unpredictable journey. The core beliefs of this blog are: 1.) Succeed at home first, 2.) Never take a good day for granted, and 3.) Don’t be afraid of making mistakes but handle them quickly and learn from them immediately.

I hope you enjoy!


Courtney Young


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